Address: Lucas Village PAL Center, 111 Pennsylvania Avenue
Summer hours: Monday – Friday 3:00pm – 7:00pm
School year hours: Monday – Friday: 3:30pm – 7:00 pm

Our Programs

Computer Lab

The computer lab is open every day. The lab is open to participants who want to work on homework, enhance their computer skills, or just to have fun.

Weight Lifting

Thanks to our Community Partners, the Carrol Creek Rotary Club, our PAL Center now has it’s own Gym!!! Children over the age of 13 are allowed to lift weights as part of a regimented workout. Alongside Frederick Police Officers, children will learn the techniques and discipline it takes to use the equipment properly and develop not only a healthy body, but a healthy self-awareness within a supportive and encouraging environment.

Open Gym

Participants have the opportunity to play Basketball, Video Games, Climb our Rock Wall, Arts & Crafts.

Special Programs

  • Field Trips 

    Numerous times during the year the participants are taken on field trips. Field trips range from going to the movies, zoo, museums, parks, swimming pool and more!

  • Guest Speakers

    Throughout the year the PAL program schedules a variety of community speakers to come talk to the participants about various topics. Some of these topics include: drug and alcohol awareness, the effects of smoking, fire safety, first aid, health & nutrition, etc.

  • Santa Day

    This event is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek. This event is to provide youth in the PAL Program, an opportunity to create a special Christmas by making crafts, choosing gifts and wrapping gifts for their caregivers.

  • Holiday / Special Event Parties

    Various times during the year the PAL program will host parties for the participants. Some of these parties include: Halloween party, Valentine’s party, Thanksgiving dinner, Holiday party, etc.

Our group Mentoring Program is every Wednesday from 6-7pm. We discuss topics such as resilience, goal setting, building strong foundations with our decisions and many more life lesson topics. All mentoring sessions are led by top-notch facilitators then we break off into smaller group settings of 4-7 youth and have small group discussions or fun activities based on the lesson.